Federal Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Fund: This is a $2-billion fund announced by the federal government in 2020 to support large-scale CCUS projects across Canada. The fund is open to applications from provinces and territories, as well as private sector companies.

Alberta Carbon Trunk Line: This is a $1.2 billion project that received funding from both the federal and Alberta governments. The project involves building a pipeline network to transport CO2 from industrial facilities in the Edmonton area to depleted oil reservoirs in central Alberta for storage.

Saskatchewan Carbon Capture and Storage Initiative: The Saskatchewan government has invested over $1 billion in CCUS projects in the province, including the Boundary Dam Carbon Capture Project and the Aquistore underground storage facility.

British Columbia Low Carbon Fuel Standard: The BC government has introduced a low carbon fuel standard that includes incentives for carbon capture and utilization in the production of low-carbon fuels.

Manitoba Climate and Green Plan: The Manitoba government’s Climate and Green Plan includes incentives for CCUS, including a Green Energy Equipment Tax Credit for equipment used in carbon capture and storage projects.

Ontario Low Carbon Economy Fund: The Ontario government has established a Low Carbon Economy Fund to support projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including CCUS projects.

Quebec Green Fund: The Quebec government’s Green Fund includes funding for projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including CCUS projects.